It’s a great opportunity for companies who want to offer their customers or employees an exciting day out of the office.

Of course, you can also come with your friends and family to Otepää Nature Park for an active day.

We will find just the right format for your golf demo event.

You can combine a demo event with, for example, lunch or dinner in our club restaurant, or even a seminar, for which we offer seminar rooms with 18 or 50 seats.

The duration of the golf demo is 2,5 – 3 hours, including a break.

The minimum fee for a demo for up to 7 people is 290€ (VAT included).

We don’t have a maximum group size, it just needs separate logistical arrangements. The largest group to have passed through our offices in one day was over 400 people.


Demo includes:

– Conduct of a demo

– Golf equipment rental during the demo

– Use of golf balls during the demo

– Coffee break

Demo schedule:

– 30 minutes of theory (introduction to world and Estonian golf history, golf etiquette, golf rules and golf equipment).

– 50 minutes on the range (safety, kicking technique, long kicks and small competition).

– 20 minutes of theory on the 18thtee(course and holes introduction)

– 20 minutes of PRO playing through the 18th hole (PAR4)

– 30 minutes on the green(putting , putting technique and competition)

– 15 minutes of questions for PRO

Number of participants


8-14 participants

40 €/per person

15-20 participants

36 €/per person

21+ participants

33 €/per person

Information and registration:, 5620 0115