1. General conditions
1.1. Otepää Golf has established these principles and rules, which are mandatory for all visitors to the Otepää Golf Centre and apply uniformly to all from the moment a visitor enters the Golf Centre.
1.2. The legal relationship between the Visitor and the Player and Otepää Golf shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions and related documents: the “Etiquette and Pace of Play”, the “Privacy Policy” and any regulations, orders (e.g. instructions on how to move around the course) or contracts between Otepää Golf and the Player (e.g. contract for the purchase of playing rights). In the event of a dispute, Estonian law will apply and the dispute will be settled in Tartu County Court.
1.3. Otepää Golf may amend the General Terms and Conditions as necessary to ensure that players and guests are adequately informed through the website or at the Golf Centre.

2. Definitions

2.1. Visitor – any person entering Otepää Golf Centre, i.e. player.
2.2. Player – a person who has acquired the right to go to the Otepää Golf Centre’s
play on the golf courses;
2.3. Otepää Golf – legal entities Proformest OÜ, Otepää Golf & Country Club and Sport course operator SA
Lõuna-Eesti Golf, contact:
2.4. Golf Centre – are the facilities, buildings, and other things necessary for playing golf.
and are located on the territory managed by Otepää Golf and which
may be used by other persons, e.g. restaurant owner, clubhouse manager.
2.5. Golf course – 18-hole golf course
2.6. Website – Otepää Golf website and social media channels (e.g. Facebook).

3. Visitor rights and obligations

3.1. From the moment of entry to the Golf Centre, the visitor undertakes to follow the information signs and indications posted on the Golf Centre’s premises and to refrain from walking in areas not designated for this purpose (including, for example, when seeking the shortest route to the tee boxes or to a destination otherwise chosen, across grassy areas where there are no clearly and clearly marked paths for the movement of people, golf carts or other clearly understandable means of transport or clearly marked areas for traffic).
3.2. Visitors shall treat the Golf Centre’s property, including all mowed and maintained areas such as hitting areas, fairways, greens, etc., in a prudent manner. It should be remembered that all the natural features in the visitor’s line of sight are also part of the Golf Centre’s territory;
3.3. The Visitor shall be guided by the principle that any person authorised by the Golf Centre has the right to remove from the Golf Centre’s premises any person who is in breach of the General Conditions, in an unstable condition, in breach of the rules of the course or in breach of the golf etiquette;

3.4. The Visitor respects the principle that the right to teach golf, to advertise and install golf equipment and to sell goods on the premises of the Golf Centre is restricted to contractual partners by agreement with the Golf Centre. No other person has the right to place advertising of any kind or to engage in sales activities on the Golf Centre’s premises.
3.5. Conduct themselves in a reasonable and courteous manner at the Golf Centre towards the Golf Centre as a whole and towards all employees of the Golf Centre, including all other persons known or reasonably expected to be acting on behalf of or in the interests of the Golf Centre. Disrupting, insulting, mocking, defaming or any other rude behaviour (including spreading false information, boycotting or calling for a boycott of an event they are organising, etc.) will be considered a gross misconduct.

4. Player rights and obligations
4.1. Before the game:
a) Prior to entering the course and renting the equipment, the player pays for the season ticket package or green fee at the cash desk or by bank transfer.
b) The player shall register his/her round in person at the caddiemaster no later than 20 minutes before the start time and respect the start time. If a player is unable to use the reserved starting time, he/she is obliged to inform the caddiemaster as soon as possible. Booking the playing time in advance does not release the player from the obligation to register his/her personal attendance at the caddiemaster;
4.2. During the game:
a) The player places the broken tee in the teeing area in the designated hole. The use of ponds made of wood and other natural materials is allowed on the pitch. The use of ‘bio-tips’ is recommended. The use of plastic sticks is forbidden as they damage the pitch’s equipment;
b) The player shall repair all marks on the court (including marks where the ball lands on the green), except for divots hit from the tee area, which shall not be repaired. On the tee-box, the divot should be sprinkled with a seed mix (on the tiia, if seed mix is available);
(c) The player shall rake the bunker after the shot and place the rake in the bunker parallel to the direction of play so that the end of the rake does not protrude from the bunker;
d) The player shall avoid damaging the grass ridge when taking practice shots;
(e) The player makes sure that the group in front of the player is out of the player’s striking range at the time the shot is taken;
f) The player will always give priority to field workers/greenkeepers to finish their work on the hole. The greenkeeper will signal the player to resume play at the earliest opportunity;

g) A player always plays golf courses in one direction only, starting at the tee box and moving to the green, and a player always plays courses in numerical order. If a player decides to shorten their match, they may, if necessary and in case of urgency, stop the match and leave the field. However, this can be done by using the paths that pass through the course in the direction of play. A player must not move in the opposite direction on the course. In the event of risk of disturbing other players or of a dispute, the players playing on the holes always have priority;
h) Comply with the rules of use of the course and the posted signs prohibiting the use of the course, the trolleys and the golf cars. You may not enter an area with a cart or golf car in front of which a direction sign has been installed.
i) Conduct themselves on the course in accordance with Golf Centre rules: “Etiquette and Pace of Play”, i.e. dress on the course in accordance with the golf etiquette. T-shirts, beachwear, jeans, dresses, beach shoes, shoes with heels or metal studs (e.g. golf clubs with metal spikes) and torn body coverings are not allowed on the course.
j) Not to bring pets onto the course that disturb other players. Pets are only allowed in the Golf Centre on a leash and with a muzzle;
k) As of 1.1.2021, it is prohibited to drive a petrol-powered golf cars on the Golf Centre premises.
4.3. At the end of the game:

a) The player shall take the golf trolley and the basket of practice balls to the designated place next to the clubhouse or in the car park after the end of the game;
b) The Player shall return any borrowed (including free of charge) or rented or otherwise made available to the Player any property of the Golf Centre in the same condition as the property was borrowed, subject to normal wear and tear.

5. Rights and obligations of Otepää Golf Centre
5.1. The Golf Centre and its staff have the right to request that the player and guest do not:
a) violate the General Terms and Conditions or other documents referred to therein, including the “Etiquette and Pace of Play”;
(b) interfere with or disrupt players and visitors to the Golf Centre, employees of the Golf Centre or partners in the performance of their duties;
(c) would not cause any economic loss to the Golf Centre;
(d) defame or disparage the Golf Centre, its employees or partners;
5.2. Otepää Golf reserves the right to deal with breaches not provided for in these Rules on the basis of the principles set out in these Rules and in the Official Rules of Golf, both internationally and under applicable legislation, where the breaches damage emotional and material values that are important to the Golf Centre and the damage to these values is proven at least by the testimony of witnesses or by the staff of the Golf Centre.
5.3. In the circumstances referred to in clause 5.1, the Golf Centre has the right to refuse to provide the golfing service to any person and to impose additional financial penalties as set out in Chapter 6, irrespective of whether the person in breach of the relevant rules has paid for the golf (green fee or playing fee).

6. Liability
6.1. The representatives of Otepää Golf are obliged to monitor compliance with the General Terms and Conditions. Any person who breaches the General Terms and Conditions will be notified orally or in writing of the breach and will be required to put an end to the breach immediately. In the case of non-compliance or repeated violations, Otepää Golfs representative does not have to issue a verbal or written warning, but may apply the remedy provided for in clause 6.2 by informing the Guest or the Player.
6.2. The Golf Centre shall have the right to exercise remedies in the event of breach of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as in the event of destruction and non-return of the Golf Centre’s property, in the following cases and in the following manner:
a) Breaking up a golf course with a golf cart or other means of transport, including mechanical damage caused to a sports facility or equipment by a mule: contractual penalty 320 to 2000 €;
b) Breaking a golf car: a fine of €320 to €1000;
c) Misappropriation of range balls and/or playing with them outside the range (e.g. on golf courses, practice greens, etc.): ban from playing at Otepää Golf Centre and a fine of 320 up to 1000 €;
d) Playing without tee time registration – fine up to 300 €;
e) Playing on the golf course without the right to play – a penalty of triple green fee;
f) In the event of a breach of the rules of conduct and etiquette by a Player or a Visitor as set out in the General Conditions (in particular in chapters 3 to 5) and in the event of the imposition of a contractual fine as referred to in subsections a-e of this clause, as an additional remedy – a ban on playing and/or visiting the Golf Centre;
6.3. The fine or compensation is payable within 21 days of the player or visitor being notified of such a claim. Other remedies (gambling bans, visiting bans) apply from the moment they are notified. With regard to the ban on playing and visiting, the offender has the right to request its suspension or termination from the Otepää Golf Board (e.g. suspension of the ban on staying to attend a general meeting in the clubhouse).
6.4. In the event of non-payment of the fine, Otepää Golf may assign the claim to a third party for collection in accordance with the Golf Centre’s Privacy Policy.

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