Otepää Golf Course is a full size PAR 73 golf course in the beautiful Otepää Nature Park. It is also one of Estonia’s highest quality golf courses. You can also try out the PAR 6 (10th hole), a rare sight in the Nordic countries, which is exotic for golfers. It must also be acknowledged that this is an up-and-down route, typical of the South-Estonian landscape, with breathtaking views.

You can find it here:

– a clubhouse with modern and exciting architecture, changing rooms and saunas.
– restaurant, seminar rooms for 50, 20 and a cigar lounge.
– PAR 6 (hole 10)
– for large-scale events
– Pro-Shop|Caddiemaster, where you can also get a drink-snack and good advice on getting started in golf.
– golf instructors offering golf lessons
– winter golf simulator Fullswinggolf (USA)

At Otepää Golf Centre you can spend time in the best atmosphere guaranteed.

The Estonian golfer is not a mythical creature. You don’t have to be old or insanely wealthy to play golf.
If you’re passionate about getting outdoors and enjoying a quality pastime, then golf is for you.

Golf enthusiast makes a full round of golf a runl an average of 14 000 steps, 8 to 10 kilometres at a moderate pace, 1 000 to 2 000 calories burned. and lives 5 years longer.
A golf car can help those who prefer a fast pace of play or less movement.

Injuries in golf average 0.3 per thousand hours played and the game-time heart rate is 104.

Golf for young people brings with it manners, respect for others and the opportunity for each young person to achieve results at their own pace.

We know that it is every business leader’s dream to spend time with their customers or employees in a way that creates value for the time spent together and new innovative ideas for collaboration. That’s why we offer you an atmosphere where every participant’s head is clear of old working thoughts and it’s easy to make the perfect reboot. No one just drives home from here, like after work. A corporate event for both golfers and non-golfers in Otepää is an experience of pure nature.

Restaurant KUREPESA is a new generation of restaurant service, where you can find both an international chef and some exciting guest chefs.
We have Ukrainian chefs in the kitchen every day and a total of 134 seats + terrace seating.

Renting a full golf course for your competition starts from €2600 (includes tee times for about 100 competitors), starting either in the morning or at lunch time. Request your company’s golf event quote early by emailing info@otepaagolf.com or call (+372)5623 9302.

If you don’t yet have a Green Card, or the right to play golf on the course, come to our Green Card course.