It’s never too late to start playing golf, and never too early. If you would like a brief overview of what the game is all about, we recommend you come to the 2.5-hour golf demo. Here you can get an overview of both the game and the club. It’s a fun and interesting activity in nature, suitable for absolutely everyone. Even if you’re sure you won’t make it as a player, come and enjoy a beautiful day in nature.

If you think this game could become a hobby for you, you should start by taking a Green Card course. It lasts up to 10 hours over two days over the weekend. After that, you can go out and play on your own.

Chances are, you’ll get the hang of golf, and it’s then that it makes sense to join ourBeginner’s Season programme, which will help you to become a golfer as comfortably as possible and enjoy this great form of outdoor play.

See more info. If you have any questions, please call or email us.


During the 2024 season, the Otepää Golf Centre is cooperating with various golf instructors. In Otepää, you can take a private lesson or participate in group training sessions conducted by Valdek Apivala, Priit Jalasto and other well-known PROs.

You can register for group and private training for the 2024 season at the Caddiemaster. Choose your group and start now!

– Group training for beginners WEDNESDAYS

– Juniors and youth training TRAINING ON THREE DAYS AND MONDAY

– Group training (drive, handball, putting, etc.)


More information and registration for training:

PRO LESSONSRegular pricePlayer with the playing rightShareholder of the Golf Centre or OGCC club member
Private lesson 60 min69 €64 €59 €
Private lesson for two 60 min89 €84 €79 €
10x pivate lesson 60 min629 €599 €529 €
5x private lesson 60 min319 €299 €269 €
Group training 90 min35 €35 €35 €
5x group training 90 min33 € / lesson32 € / lesson30 € / lesson