Mentors are our club’s golf ambassadors who help beginners to become more acquainted with golf. Getting started with golf can seem like a daunting task, but having a mentor who can give advice and information at any time can make it much easier.

If you’ve completed the Green Card course, be sure to take the opportunity to play with a mentor. It is part of the course package. Our mentors are players who have also experienced all the fears and pains of starting out and are great at supporting you.

To book a round with a mentor, contact the Caddiemaster or fill out the form below.



Kapten Krista

Krista Zeik

Always cheerful and bright-eyed Caddiemaster and captain of the OGCC women’s club. Krista is the Estonian women’s champion in the sport bowling, but she started golf 10 years ago and the momentum is still building. Krista is an avid golfer who can often be seen on golf courses in neighbouring countries as well as in Estonia.

Golf – it’s pure joy with Krista. She believes that the main value of golf is quality time with friends!

Sander Pormeister

Sander Pormeister

Always present and helpful Sander is the Head Caddiemaster. Besides other sports, he has played golf with intermittent success for 12 years. As Sander has always been involved in team sports, it is in golf that he is attracted to competing with himself. Sander won the Otepää Golf & Country Club men’s championship in 2021, and he’s a great guy for any beginner go to the course with.


Madis Uudam

Madis remembers most vividly the joys and pains of starting golf. With a brother’s help in 2019 he completed the course. Golf has given him plenty of outdoor exercise and a new friends. Today, Madis has unexpectedly become one of golf’s pioneers in South Estonia, and under his leadership, dozens of people who previously had no contact with golf have become acquainted with golf.


Magnar Saar

Magnar started playing golf in 2015. mainly because of the need to move more. Apart from being out in nature, golf is a great activity to meet new and inspiring people. Magnar’s golfing bug has only gotten bigger and he is always the first to check the dates of competitions in the winter. Magnar always registers as soon as the courses publish their calendars, when others are still thinking about skiing.


Oskar Laur

Our youngest and most experienced player, Oskar, started golfing before he knew how to walk. Oskar’s favourite winter sport is freestyle skiing and it takes up all his free time during the winter period. Oskar finds golf appealing because it is a very technical and precise sport. Oskar is convinced that achieving results on the course is still down to hard practice rather than good luck.


Janeli Jallai

Janeli has taken up golf several times. She started playing for real at the third attempt in 2019 . Golf is a good change from skiing and teaches you to be in the moment. Every shot counts, and there’s a great sense of excitement and thrill to it. Janeli has an achievement sports type of mindset and is demanding about her own game, but is also extremely open to helping newcomers take their first steps. Her passion is to help new enthusiasts smoothly into the golfing world.


Toomas Kull

Toomas started playing golf in 2005 . In golf, he values honesty, creating and maintaining a good mood both during the game and in various club activities, and of course the positive emotions that come from every successful golf shot.

One of Toomas’s most endearing personality traits is his gentlemanliness and brilliant sense of humour.

Toomas is also one of the members of the “HIO (hole-in-one) club” of the Otepää course. He managed to send the ball straight into the hole with a kick-off on the 13th hole in Otepää in 2012!