We have been training our team and are pleased to announce that there are several new golf instructors at Otepää Golf Centre who have completed the Golf Leader 1 training for youth and junior coaching.

Our instructors include members of both the Swedish PGA and the Estonian PGA, and our great team of instructors are looking forward to welcoming you to our junior training sessions.

If you (or your child) is aged 6-21 and would like to take part in the Junior programme, please let us know. It’s a gathering of young golf enthusiasts, a fun get-together, and during these gatherings we do different things together – play golf and other games, try to go to the golf course with juniors and seniors alike. First, we’ll try to put together some groups by age and level.

Junior training sessions are scheduled twice a week, once on a weekday and once at the weekend. Give up your child, let’s make summer fun together!

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