Dear players!

The time has come to do away with airing and sanding the greens.
All in the name of continuing to have a great time on the greens.

Today we started work on holes 1-9. General Play rounds on holes 1-9 are currently not available.

Aerating and sanding the greens is a routine golf course maintenance task, carried out a few times a year, or as needed. This means temporary inconvenience for the players, as the holes are not the usual smooth ones, but with air holes and sand. This is usually done at the same time as over-seeding the greens with sanding. This maintenance of the greens will again guarantee better quality greens for future golf matches. Temporary inconvenience during the works will have to be survived and whether the maintenance work on the holes will also change your ability to play General Play depends on the situation. You can get this information from the Caddiemaster of the course.

If there is winter snow on the course during the maintenance period, it is strictly forbidden to go on the real grass. Play the course as it is, play winter greens to the flag on the feeder and go putt on the south greens if there is no flag. This is how greenkeeper has positioned it in the course of its work for a reason.

So to sum it up – evening out and sanding is good news for the golfer, and you will soon be back to a better playing experience!